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We are working on developing SAE Level-4 and Level-5 autonomous driving technology, that works (i) traffic with highly stochastic dynamics, (ii) adversarial traffic, and (iii) in unstructured environmental conditions. We are currently testing our on Indian roads and in Indian traffic conditions, as India is the toughest test ground for autonomous driving in the world.

Meet the Founder

CEO and Founder

He has been researching in motion planning, decision making under uncertainty and autonomous navigation since 2009. Over the past four years his research spanned across several areas of autonomous driving, including deep learning, computer vision, SLAM and visual odometry. His research at Swaayatt Robots, to enable autonomous driving on Indian roads, has been covered by both the national and international media, on several occassions.

He is a recepient of 51 Most Impact Global Smart Leaders Award, in 2019. He is also a recepient of Top 40 Under 40 Data Scientist in India in 2019 award.

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